Ambassador for Youth and Adolescent Reproductive Health Program (AYARHEP) is a nongovernmental organization working to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) needs of Adolescents and Young People Living with HIV (AYPLHIV). The organization work with and for Adolescent and young people living with HIV, and empowers young girls with SRHR information and education.

AYARHEP programs are designed from research and needs assessment. The interventions and mitigation efforts are tailored to alleviate suffering of adolescent and young people living with HIV. The organization nurtures new model of leadership, among adolescent and young people.

The organization programs are adolescent and youth friendly designed to promote sexual reproductive health and rights of the target group age 12- 24 yrs., promotes, and encourages entrepreneurship among the target group to enable them initiate income generating activities

The organization further advocate for enabling environment, gather SRHR evidence to HIV programing through advocating on issues affecting AYPLHIV. The organization mentors SRHR champions through capacity building, engages religious leaders, local administration and community through a Multi Component approach.

The programs address issues Young people living with HIV face, such as pervasive stigma and discrimination, dealing with life-long antiretroviral treatment (ART).The organization  adopts  Participatory learning and action (PLA) that provides  for a practical session by enabling the AYPLHIV to learn and work together in a support group through peer to peer methodology.


Our Vision

We envisage an empowered responsible adolescent and youth advancing Sexual reproductive health rights.



Our Mission

To promote adolescent and young people rights by strengthening adolescent and youth led SRHR and HIV programing.




Contribute towards fast-tracking HIV response to end new HIV infections, AIDs related deaths, stigma and discrimination among adolescents and young people living with HIV in Kenya.

Focus Area


1. Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

AYARHEP works with adolescents and young people with limited resources in the informal settlements. The organization promotes home based care management with focus on HIV. We promote SRHR of young people through championing for adolescent youth friendly services at county level through youth to youth strategy.

2. Livelihoods Program

AYARHEP promotes meaningful participation of young people in national building. The organization nurtures young people on entrepreneurial skills for economic empowerment and supports needy young people with scholarship programs.

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