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Football connect people from all ages and especial world cup tournament. The zeal ,support, coverage is always an adventure anticipated every four years. The boys meet at NEPHAK offices but with key discussion of the on-ongoing tournament . Majority sharing on the joy of wining and losing in various matches .

The heated debate on various strategies ,tactics that players need to have opted for to win the games. Alongside the discussion of the world cup football tournament . Members of the support group through the leadership affirmed all present . Kick stating the agenda of the support group .

The discussion is lead by a peer educator with a key task to share with peers on strategies to navigate life . Amplify Change program funds Sexual reproductive health and rights alliance based in Kenya. The organization further support AYARHEP to reach out to adolescent and young people.

The program reach out to adolescent and young people living with HIV with focus on boys . The sessions advance sexual reproductive health and rights . The organization adopts peer to peer approach to deliver Treatment , Adherence training .

The platforms provide the boys with an enabling environment to share on treatment . Further providing physiological support through a human library concept reaching to 30 members.

The boys find it easier to navigate through the challenges especially , dealing stigma . Since ,I join the support group a no longer pity myself due to my HIV condition. I feel supported by my peers who struggle that i do . I can access ARVs while most of my peers struggle to seek the essential services . The support group through our lead facilitator , we discuss how we can seek support .

I appreciate the members especially team members who are self-employed. It is encouraging and I expect from my saving to start a business. Support group member sharing on the importance of the support group.

The support group is a noble process in reaching out to adolescent and young people living with HIV. NEPHAK and AYARHEP request support various individual ,partners to support the boys. The support will go along way in reaching out to adolescent and young people living with HIV aged 15- 24 years . Asante Sana as you join the noble process

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