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An inherent part of initiatives aimed at developing skills, instincts, abilities, processes that are needed to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing HIV status.


Advocates for Youth champions efforts that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.


SRHR concept of human rights applied to sexuality and reproduction, a combination of four fields: sexual health, sexual rights, reproductive health and reproductive rights.


Networks play an important role in public education and advocacy on adolescent reproductive health by allowing them to work together.

Our areas of expertise:


Our Advisory practice combines specialist skills and experiences from around the globe witha local touch to tackle challenges faced by the youth living affected and infected by HIV.

The opportunity to make an impact on YPLHIV builds our strong reputation as an organisation has it is our core areas of interest.

Our Recent Training.

  • World Health Day

    The World Health Day celebration  provide a platform  for partner to celebrate gains and success achieved in Health and offer opportunity to advance  SRHR needs…

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  • #909090 Campaign

    Ending the AIDS epidemic is more than a historic obligation to the 39 million people who have died of the disease. It also represents a…

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  • Advocacy

    Joint partnership with FEBA organization on reaching out to young people through sports.Engage in joint activities with 4 community based organization on reaching out to…

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  • Capacity Strengthening

    AYARHEP partnered with Fortress of Hope Africa to train 5 of AYARHEP’s peer educators on advancing young people’s SRHR and safe abortion with an aim…

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